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WWW helps children and their families in their move abroad, with parenting issues during their stays abroad and during their preparation for return to their home country. We aim to ensure joyful world citizens who are able to fully benefit and learn from different cultures, different languages, making new friends and perhaps new family dynamics. Our goal is to maximize the advantages of living the global lifestyle and reducing the risks on child developmental issues. We do this by utilizing what has worked for you in the past and by giving advice and support during the (new) challenges around saying goodbye, the question " who am I "and the adaptation to the new environment. We are not only there for the children but we also feel that it is important to provide support for you as a parent.


Ready for take off?


Depending on your decision making process, WWW helps you with your plans for leaving the country in a way that suits you and your family best. We will discuss with you what is important to take into consideration when moving to another country with your children/teenagers. When do you tell your children about the anticipated move abroad ? Which role do the children have in the preparations and during the process of moving? How is the goodbye organized? Maybe the eldest son or daughter remains in the home in your home country? Being confronted with all these discussions and questions and the opinion of friends and family can be experienced as stressful. World Wide Welcome helps you increase your confidence in making your decisions.



Support in the Netherlands


Parenting can be hard and many parents have times they feel insecure. About one third of the Dutch parents are concerned about the education or development of their children , 60% of these parents ask for help or advice outside the family, relatives or friends. Your insecurities or questions are not abnormal.

Your questions could involve regular developmental issues (for example: diet, sleep, behavioural problems, drugs or low self-esteem) or more expat- related questions like adjustment problems, saying goodbye or making new friends. None of the questions have an instant answer available. World Wide Welcome provides support and expertise in finding answers and solutions for your unique situation, family and your children.

Going Home


Children who grow up abroad experience different cultural norms and values and they come to appreciate these differences. As a result , they are often more flexible and tolerant compared to their peers who grow up in one country. When returning to the home country they discover that their own customs, norms and values ( culture ) differ from those of their “home country” peers. Usually they are not prepared for this insight, which can lead to the experience of confusion. Some teens start to wonder where they actually belong and this could lead to a form of nostalgia for the expat lifestyle. We often see that children view life to be clearer and less complex abroad. When children are aware beforehand about these potential adjustment issues, they feel less alone and strange when they return to their home country.

The expat experience in 3 minutes

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WWW workshop: Growing up Between Worlds

This workshop focusses on the (identity) development while growing up internationally. What are the strengths and what are the challenges? What influence does the “global lifestyle” have on the development of children? Let Rianne Cornelisse enlighten you with a new perspective on the upcoming reality for your children. There is also time for parenting questions from participants.


Recent events

WWW is often invited as a guest speaker. Recent events where;

- Symposium The Whole Global Family: The Health and Well-Being of International, Expat and Third Culture Families

- Stichting Nederlands onderwijs in het buitenland

- Dutch school of Dubai.



Pedagogische begeleiding voor expat kinderen. Vertrek, verblijf en terugkeer