Rianne Cornelisse first re-entered the world of expats after finishing a Master of Science in Orthopedagogiek at Utrecht University. A pedagogue is a social scientist specialized in youth care and development.

Because of her education and experience she puts development, challenges and qualities

of “Third Culture Kids” in (a different) perspective. Her company Wereld Wijd Welkom

( Dutch for World Wide Welcome) was established initially for Dutch people abroad and

is now also available for expats living in the Netherlands.


“I thrive to help children, parents and adults find their own strengths and path.

To feel secure about their decision and enjoy the adventures of their global life styles.”




"Very professional, very approachable , very flexible"

I really had the feeling that I was talking to someone who knew

exactly what was going on with me. The issue of repatriation is so

specific that it is very difficult to find someone who can understand the

problem as well. The support I have received from World Wide Welcome during

the weeks I was having a hard time helped me a lot and help me still today.

I should have asked for this help sooner. "



Pedagogische begeleiding voor expat kinderen. Vertrek, verblijf en terugkeer